Saturday, December 29, 2012

Eat Eat and Eat

Yeah, today's topic will revolve around our daily activities of eating.
Why would we eat everyday ? Obviously because we need to survive and gather as much energy to be able to do many activities.

What's my point here ?
I would like to point out that, when we're sad, in a blue state, depressed, or maybe broken hearted (just like I feel nowadays =_= ) , then we need to fill our stomach with plenty of food !

Why is that ?

My theory says, that when we're hungry, we tend to feel many negative feeling. SO, to put it simply, our bad mood worsened everytime our stomach is grawling.
SO, what we need the most to get out of this such desperation, is by eating a lot of food.

We'll feel better when not hungry. Agree ? Yeah you must.

Being rejected from my lover,  this past week I've been stressed a lot.
My body thinned, and lack of nutrition. It all happened, just because of thinking about that special person. Yeah I know, that is silly. It's a waste of time to think about a person who dumps you up.
Why bother worsening our condition by suffering this much pain ? Then let's just find something delicious to eat and our mood will risen up again, to the max !

Yeah I know, not always 'to the max'. Especially when the pain you're enduring is just too much. Yeah I love this person, so much. That I can't stand it when we're parting. It stressed me a lot. Yeah, A LOT.
But it's true when I eat something to fulfill my hunger, my sadness disappeared, a bit, and temporary..
That's when I realize it, that I must not abandon my hunger anymore. I do not want to be sad anymore. It pains me enough to be alone, I don't want to have another burden in my life. My life is hard enough without you scattering in my mind.

Yeah, go away ! I don't love you, I love yummy food !

Hahaha, I remember now. My friend 'Ndut'-Nanda once told me to eat when I broke up with my girl few years ago. I don't know exactly what that means, that time. Now I know exactly how it feels.
In other case, I watched Honey and Clover series. 
There's a scene when Yamada Ayumi told us that she need to eat a lot, so that she'll be able to endure the pain of watching Mayama and Rika together. She need to be strong so she won't easily broken by the pain she is suffering.
She's strong indeed. And now I know, to stand against so much pain, we need to get stronger ourself. That is by consume as much energy as we need.

Thanks to that two person. Ndut and Ayumi.
I'll get stronger, physically and mentally. I won't be easily wrecked from now on.

Hiyaah, and now I'm starting to feel hungry..


Written by :
Kumara Ranudihardjo
Waiting for the 30th
After accepting his parting with his lover
Trying to be stronger everyday