Tuesday, January 1, 2013

At The End Of The Year

2012 will gone. (But the post published in 2013 =_= , so I'll say 2012 has gone).There's so much thing happening in 2012, for every people in this world, I suppose.
For me, 2012 impacted a lot, too.
My life met another side of life, in this year of 2012.

They said before that 2012 will be the end of the world, check Mayan's calendar issue.
But now we're together, happily welcoming the year of 2013.

For me, I honestly don't have many expectations for the upcoming year. Many of my friends made a wishlist, to-do-list, and achievement list for the next year.
I, too, have some. But I tried to not exaggerating something rigid like this. Partially, maybe It's because of the influence of my Existentialism subject, that I take in this 3rd semester.
Fyodor Dostoyevski, becomes my favourite Existentialism Philosopher in an instant. And one of his thought was, that life must be lived in a spontaneous way. We're not suggested to make a clumsy-to-do-list, because our life will be corrupted  that way.
Ironically, this is the opposite of the way accepted bymost people.
Many successful person suggest us to make some 'life map', or we could say 'a list of target that we will pursue in the specific year'
Yeah, I too, once thought the same way. Even now, I have a 'want to have list' and a 'what to do in this holiday-list'

But the difference is, I don't really have a specific-achievement-hope.
Sure, I hoped for my good score in each semester, but I don't know if I want to do a specific things the next year.
That's why, all I can do now is living my next year in a spontaneous way.

oh by the way, 2012 sure makes a change on me.

This year I have competed in the Raka Raki
This year I maintained my A grade through Epistemology
This year I have been on the Busway
This year I have tasted sex
This year I have experienced true love and a sad breakup
This year I met many wonderful people
And this year, I started my new blog

Thanks 2012
Be good to me 2013

Written by :
Kumara Ranudihardjo
At home

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