Friday, February 15, 2013

The Town of Tulungagung

Helloo. This is my first 'video posting'. Hahaha, anyway, this is Tulungagung. A small town in the southern coast of Java. Located near to Blitar, Kediri and Trenggalek. It's so peaceful being there, very suitable for you who want a heart warming place to go to.

I started the video in front of the Tulungagung's regent's office. And then going west to the traffic roundabout 'TT'. Turning right after turning my motorcycle 90 degree. From there, we can see the center of Tulungagung, Taman Kusuma Wicitra square. There's a monument with a Garuda on top of it, so it's easy to notice. The square's street rule is that we must drive our way clockwise. So I turn my vehicle to the left, rounding the square. You can see the kindergarten kids playing around with their teachers watching over them.

Going straight to the east, I ended my video with a smile. Hihihihi

Hope you like Tulungagung's morning :D

Written by :
Kumara Ranudihardjo
At UI central Library
Working on his blog


  1. seharusnya dikasih juga dong, obyek wisatanya kek, ato makanan khas yang bisa dibuat oleh2 gitu. kan seru

    1. oke deh ditunggu yaa.. tapi gue ngeliputnya pas liburan semester =_= jadi lama donk

    2. bikin dua versi aja, versi nyari di internet, sama versi kamu waktu liburan.hihihihi

    3. ih ogah, males donk.. mending real time dan aktual, jadi langsung dari sononya meliput.. hihihi kea reportase aja